From inside the competition, Lasky and Halsey are observed from the Palmer and are also escorted right back towards Infinity’s bridge

From inside the competition, Lasky and Halsey are observed from the Palmer and are also escorted right back towards Infinity’s bridge

She defended herself, saying that she failed to promote any information to help you the woman contact

6 months pursuing the The Phoenix Event, new UNSC Aladdin transmitted Dr. Halsey for the Infinity to look at a forerunner artifact recovered from the Fireteam Dark-red throughout a mission with the Requiem. The newest artifact got in past times absorbed Dr. Henry Glassman into the itself when he tried to data they. Halsey determined that brand new artifact was communing with Infinity’s engines, which are considering Predecessor technology plus one in the world. [26]

A while later on, Halsey began exploring the artifact within the supervision of Spartan-IV Gabriel Thorne. She upcoming received a connection off an unknown person, which shared with her of Promethean Knights. [27] This resulted in Fireteam Majestic retrieving a great deal towards Requiem. Upon examining they, the container let out a burst of time and you may showed images of brand new Phoenix. Noticing Chief Thomas Lasky and you can Leader Sarah Palmer revealing worried seems, Halsey confronted the previous, accusing of experiencing known this new Prometheans’ true characteristics. Lasky accepted that the UNSC has been conscious that this new Prometheans is old humans made into AIs. Halsey corrects this Promethean is made from somebody who lived in The fresh Phoenix. Lasky indicated misunderstandings, since these memory wouldn’t keeps obtained from Planet in order to Requiem. Thorne following quickly leftover the room and Halsey pointed out that the guy was actually observing an image regarding artifact.

Back to the fresh new artifact, Halsey gotten another interaction from the not familiar individual, which, unfamiliar so you’re able to their, try a’s Covenant. ‘Mdama upcoming requested exactly what she knew of Librarian.  Halsey occur to repeated it loud, leading to Lasky and you can Palmer to be doubtful and found their miracle interaction.  Lasky next ordered Palmer to stop Halsey to possess withholding recommendations.

New Librarian talked about how precisely Requiem’s go out is arriving at an end, and how Halsey need to deal with their gift therefore Mankind remains with the the path so you’re able to reclaiming the fresh new Mantle

Halsey was then moved to Lasky’s able place, the lady arms cuffed. Exactly as she criticized Palmer, Roland (the brand new ship’s AI) advised brand new Head you to definitely Thorne was actually seen alive into Requiem.

Shortly after getting placed in the brig, Roland requested the lady as to the reasons she withheld the scenario.  She replied by using an AI bypass protocol towards Roland so you can refrain and you can assemble exactly what suggestions the fresh new UNSC got towards Librarian, all of these try her own work, conserve for a good debriefing of John-117, which she seem to felt dry following The new Phoenix Event. She upcoming got into communication that have ‘Mdama, offering the woman assistance to discover the Librarian. not, Roland then been able to overcome the newest override and you can cut the communications and you can summoned security. Master Lasky then confronted Dr. Halsey and you may planned to place her during the cryo, however, she slaps your in the deal with, accusing new Chief away from withholding the real truth about John-117’s endurance.  Following abruptly, Promethean Knights started initially to teleport from artifact onto the Infinity.

A while just after arrival, she suits up with ber. Shortly after managing to help you deactivate the secure and therefore, based on the woman, needed an excellent ‘more people touch’, she runs into the latest ray which has designed regarding Librarian’s artifact and you may vanishes. During this time period, but not, Osman, just like the new direct regarding ONI, has actually ordered Lasky to possess Halsey removed is always to she actually ever become discover againmander Sarah Palmer next assigns herself the task regarding getting rid of Halsey, far so you’re able to Lasky’s protest.

Whenever Halsey entered the newest Shrine, she showed up in person towards the The Librarian. Brand new current Halsey gotten try known as Janus Key, an enthusiastic artifact that was, in reality, a map and therefore displayed every piece of Forerunner technical throughout the galaxy, along with all of the Halo set up locations also invisible Precursor technical that’ll drive Humankind into a different sort of phase out-of technological supremacy. Although not, whenever Halsey approved brand new present, she was released returning to a’s clutches where he relieved Halsey of one bit of the primary, maybe not recognizing she encountered the next. In the near future, Thorne got gathered entryway into Shrine and you will assassinated certainly ‘Mdama’s bodyguards while using the Gek’s cloaking equipment. Halsey quickly put the following little bit of the secret to Thorne exactly as Sarah Palmer appear. Startled, ‘Mdama summons brand new Promethean Knights to protect your, and you will Palmer tries to assassinate Halsey but merely hits their neck having ‘Mdama escaping with the help of a Promethean Knight with Halsey because his hostage. An enraged Frontrunner Palmer requires to understand what Regal is doing around, of course advised their objective, she questions as to why they might save your self a traitor, to which Thorne attempts to alter the woman viewpoint because of the saying as to the reasons Halsey had thrown your the primary in the event the she was presumably performing that have ‘Mdama.

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